Come into the Classroom

The Arts-Integrated Developmental Workbook (AI-DW) is the central tool used to collect IB-TAP unit process from participating students and teachers. Sourcing concepts from IBs developmental notebooks and process journals from the IB arts and technology studies, the AI-DW seeks to capture the planning and creation process for arts- integrated units from beginning to end, Visit This Page. While many teaching teams implement the AI-DW differently in their classrooms, the framework is essentially the same, providing equal access and balanced comparison between schools. The IB design cycle combined with the CAPE creative cycle led to a framework- the creative design cycle- that guided student and teacher thinking via the following concepts: Inquiry, Sense, Plan, Create, Evaluate, and Reflect.

Explore the links for those concepts to see high quality examples of student work in each of the areas of the creative design cycle. ¬†You can also explore complete curriculum examples developed by the teachers and artists in the IB-TAP program that followed the same structures as the students’ work.

[caption id="attachment_371" align="alignnone" width="289"]Student Arts Integrated-Developmental Notebook (AI-DW) Student Arts Integrated-Developmental Notebook (AI-DW)[/caption]

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